Methane Saturated Brine Holds the Largest Proven Reserves of Natural Gas in the Entire World

Evaluation of the Economic Potential of Methane Saturated Brine Recovery as Compared to Shale Gas Horizontal Drilling


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The above slides heavily reference two NREL studies that are linked below in their entirety:

Gary Pope, Director of the Center for Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering at the University of Texas in Austin states in a video regarding carbon dioxide capture and sequestration into formations, "There is more dissolved natural gas in just Texas and Louisiana than all of the reserves of natural gas in the entire world".


The amount of proven reserves of natural gas saturated into brine is on the order of thousands of times greater than that of shale gas as is shown herein; and, the costs of the process to harness this unconventional natural gas production along with the generation of electrical power is much lower than the costs associated with shale gas, because:

The very expensive steps of drilling a horizontal leg for the well and of fracing are eliminated. Instead a screen to eliminate sand intrusion and reduce incoming velocity of the pressurized brine is set into the high porosity underground reservoirs, often having sand porosity of over 20 mD with brine producing zones being upwards to five thousand feet thick in some areas that contain truly unlimited volumes of methane saturated brine; and,

Saturated gas wells can flow at virtually the same rate for over 20 years with no drop in methane production or in electrical power generation; and,

There are no environmental issues related to use of the technology.





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