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"The Kinetic Energy Potential of Pressurized Natural Gas Wells" dated June 12, 2007, by Robert D. Hunt and presented at the Southern Methodist University (SMU) Geothermal Energy Utilization Associated with Oil and Gas Development Conference.


This paper investigates the scientific and economic potential of the Total Flow Concept of Geothermal Power Generation that injects a liquid fluid into a well a depth that boils to a high pressure vapor in order to gas-lift an oil and gas well then to harness the total flow of gases and liquids from the well with a pressure driven free piston engine of my invention, along with the hydrocarbons produced. The process effectively dewaters the producing well that enhances oil and gas production in addition to generating electrical power.

"Atmospheric Power Cycle", dated 2005 and presented to the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.


This paper presents for the first time ever the concept of  an Atmospheric Thermal Energy Conversion (ATEC) power cycle that would allow an aircraft to fly indefinately using only the heat energy contained in our lower atmosphere as its power source. Mr. Hunt considers this his greatest invention and one of his goals is to see the airplane fly during his lifetime. While working as the Abell Foundation’s OTEC Intellectual Property Consultant researching ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) that uses the temperature differential of surface warm water near the Equator to cold water at great depth as the energy source to design massive floating power plants, he realized that the differential between the lower atmosphere and the upper atmosphere are much greater and that an atompsheic power cycle would be thereby much more efficient than OTEC technology. He then created a phase change aircraft that can switch from being lighter than air to being heavier than air at any time in order to fly using the heat energy contained in low altitude air warmed by solar heat as the power source and then using cold air at high altitude for heat rejection to form a batch power cycle.


Mr. Hunt's Atompheric Power Cycle also beneficially uses gravity in order to work. The process uses bouyancy in order to rise while being lighter than air which is a form of gravity; then uses the acceleration of gravity in order to glide downward. But like his gas lift process, it also requires thermodynamic heat input in order to work, which again proves that substantial benefits can be derived from the use of gravity and thermodynamics working together to produce more power output than can be generated by the use of heat when used alone.

"Evaluation of the Effect of Gravity on the Total-Flow Geothermal Cycle", dated October 2012 and presented at Geothermal Resources Council (GRC) 2010 Annual Meeting, by Robert D. Hunt.


This white paper presented to the GRC discusses the thermodynamic effects of using geothermal heat to vaporize a liquid phase working fluid deep within a column of water in a well bore with the result being that high mass water is displaced with low mass gases and the density of the water column is lowered. Lowering the water's density (weight) while the earth's force from the reservoir remains unchanged produces an extremely powerful water pumping force at the inlet of the well that is powered by gravity being totally separate from the thermodynamic vaporization process and is totally independent of it, but the reduction in density could not occur absent of the thermodynamic process.


The groundbreaking results of this study show that this powerful pumping action harnesses gravity that exists due to the earth's gravitiation pull on the mass contained in the geological rocks, sand and liquids, ect. and more power is attained than if the the liquid is vaporized at the surface without gaining the additional energy derived pressure of the reservoir caused by the gravitational pull of the rocks, sand and liquids of the earth. Calculations performed by Dr. Statis Michaelide, the Head of Engineering at the University of Texas show that in many cases more than double the power, which he named as being "pressure power", can be attained due to the effect of gravity on a gas-lift system.


No other power cycles in the world harnesses gravity to gain additional power output other than those created by Mr. Hunt! Hydroelectric damns harness gravity but they do have a thermodynamic component that creates the process -- as does the subject method of heat driven vaporization of a high vapor pressure liquid fluid within water or brine to create gas-lift whereby the kinetic energy of the total flow of liquids and gas that surge to the surface are produced by the effect of gravity as a attribute of the gas lift process that are  harnessed by a pressure driven prime mover located at the surface.


The net result of Mr. Hunt's and Dr. Michaelides's groundbreaking work was to prove that gravity can be harnessed by the use of thermodynamics and the acceleration of gravity working in unison when properly configured using the "gas lift total flow power cycle" method as originally created by Mr. Hunt in the late 1990's.

"Producing Geothermal Energy"

North American Clean Energy Magazine

This article discusses power cycle technologies created by Inventor Robert D. Hunt aimed at creating new methods to get more geothermal power from a hot well. (See Pages 64 and 65 of the magazine)

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