Robert D. Hunt

Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors


Mr. Hunt is a private inventor in the renewable energy field with an emphasis on oil and gas / geothermal co-production, finding better ways to generate power in a cost effective and sustainable manner so that investors can make a return and the environment is thereby enhanced. Mr. Hunt has patents in virtually every field of renewable energy, including oil and gas related patents.


His current projects include:


Mr. Hunt recently created the EOR Lease Bank Fund as a means to hold valuable oil reserves that are excellent candidates for Next Generation CO2/ EOR that the DOE cites holds the potential to  generate an additional 240 billion barrels (38 km3) of recoverable oil resources in the United States.


The estimated EOR recoverable barrels from old oilfields in Texas alone is estimated to be between 10.3 to 23.4 billion barrels as shown on the chart below with only the Texas Permian Basin having seen any significant amount of EOR activity at present mainly due to the presence of CO2 pipelines.


A patent pending free piston engine submersible liquid pump / gas compressor powered by geothermal energy that is placed deep within the horizontal leg of a producing well to de-water the well and to compress the natural gas powered by heat energy from the earth, which eliminates the need for electrical power at remote well sites for liquid pumping and for natural gas compression.


Background: After attending colleges in his home State of Mississippi he began his engineering career in 1969 in the New Nuclear Engineering Department of Newport News Shipbuilding Company designing nuclear reactor components for the U.S.S. Nimitz. He took additional advanced theoretical physics courses at the College of Williams and Mary in Williamsburg while working as a nuclear engineer in Virginia.


Mr. Hunt has a long history of gas-lift innovation. His first invention and patent in 1987 for the Redfish Hatchery, which was the first commercial hatchery to successfully spawn redfish, used oxygen gas-lift technology. Whereby, pure oxygen supersaturates oxygen into the water at depth; then gas-lift pumps the water to support record setting high-density for fish culture. The process pumps water for the aquaculture facility, supersaturates pure oxygen into the water; and does not have any nitrogen toxicity associated with its use as does using air as a means of oxygenation.


Mr. Hunt has received a great deal of attention in regard to his novel aircraft "the gravity-plane" that  flies powered by the heat energy stored in low altitude air then uses cold air at high altitude for heat rejection to compete a batch type of atmospheric power cycle of his invention. One of his long-term goals in life is to see the aircraft become reality and to fly.


He also has a patent pending hybrid natural gas / compressed air powered vehicle featuring free piston engine technology capable of regenerative air compression braking that is under development whereby air is compressed and stored while the engine is running on natural gas (the cleanest and least expensive fossil fuel that is produced in America).


Commercialization of two new innovative patent pending methods to extract natural gas from brine solution saturated with methane and the direct conversion of saturated methane to electricity, which holds the potential to be "bigger" than shale gas horizontal drilling in its production a thousand times over. Mr. Hunt's technology is licensed to Saturated Gas, Inc. and is the underlying technology of the organization.

Our Logo Suitably is the Scientific Symbol for "Gas Saturation"