Robert D. Hunt

Inventor, Founder and Chairman of Saturated Gas is to be an

Upcoming Speaker at the University of Texas at Austin Energy Forum










On the 21st and 22nd of February in 2013, Mr. Hunt will be making a presentation regarding his new technology to directly generate multi-megawatt scale electrical power from methane saturated brine at the University of Texas

Energy Forum at Austin

 in the Advanced Geothermal Systems Session presented by the Red McCombs School of Business.


We would like to invite you to attend as it would be a great opportunity to meet and to talk with Mr. Hunt. Please click on the Image Link below to learn more about the UT Energy Forum:



Saturated Gas, Inc. was formed to commercialize a new method to produce natural gas from methane saturated brine. The technology could be much "bigger" than shale gas within only a few years, because there is more natural gas saturated into brine in just Texas and Louisiana alone than all of the natural gas reserves in the entire world (including shale gas) and because potentially harmful horizontal drilling and fracing are not needed!








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Two new National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) studies reveal that in some locations a single well penetrating into a methane saturated reservoir formation can produce upwards to thirty-four million standard cubic feet per day (34 MMSCFD) of natural gas, which is sufficient to fuel an eighty (80) megawatt power plant. (See Reserves for more detailed information regarding the two NREL studies and the Proven Reserves of natural gas saturared into brine)


This new oil and gas / geothermal co-production process extracts natural gas from methane saturated brine and generates emissions free electricity while remaining under constant pressure, which is a vast improvement over older technology that requires reducing the pressure to near atmospheric in order to remove the natural gas.


The Technology is capable of the conversion of methane saturated brine directly into emissions free electrical power; fresh water; and carbon dioxide capable of supporting enhanced oil recovery (EOR) projects or alternatively the CO2 gas is sequestered into the formation to generate power without any harmful emissions or other harmful environmental effects whatsoever.


Saturated Gas believes that saturated gas extraction from methane is superior to shale gas horizontal drilling because the proven reserves are thousands of times greater; and, it does not require drilling a horizontal leg of the well or the high cost of fracing, a process that has come under environmental pressure recently. Further a saturated methane well can co-produce natural gas and electricity for upwards to twenty years with virtually no drop in production according to the data contained in the two NREL studies



Do you own or have knowledge regarding deep wells in high pressure formations? Saturated Gas, Inc. is actively seeking JV Partners who either have wells that most likely posses brine solution that is supersaturated with methane that can be converted to use our technology or who wish to otherwise participate in our projects.

To learn more about how much can be earned through  licensing and using our technology and to explore how we can work together CONTACT US  and request our Confidential Executive Summary.

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